Top 3 Things You Should Know About the year 2050.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

It is crazy to think about what the future may hold: hyperspace travel, medical robots, you name it. Things are already underway with the creation of the new Tesla cars, powerful smart devices, and Space X's reusable rockets.

Our imaginations shall be conduits for what is to come. As we increase in population, the human race will need to become more innovative. Buildings will have to get taller and electricity will have to be sourced more efficiently. All that is already known. What may also happen can become unexpected which will result in 3 different categories: automation of work, artificial intelligence, and unlimited health

1. Automation

Although automation may sound delightful with self-driving cars, robots doing all the complicated work, software calculating the next health serum, it comes at a cost. Even with more work being done, people are now out of the equation. What attributes will future generations have to offer to compete with machines? Leadership and constant problem solving are the few qualities that cannot be traded. People will have to be even more adaptable to offer valuable services.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an inspiring yet dangerous road to undertake. AI robots will be able to supply food, protect people from harm, and complete hours of work in seconds. However, the unpredictability of AI can lead to awful events. Robots will take over many jobs as described above and have the firepower to eliminate many people instantly. Government regulations will have to take place in response to their destructive behavior. Perhaps there may be a way to program them from the start, but we can never be too careful.

3. Unlimited health

Perfect health seems like the ultimate blessing. Many will be able to live much longer, explore more of the world, play in competitive sports much longer. There may not be a true cure for unlimited health however better medical technology will lead to much longer lives. The problem arises when people start overpopulating exerting the natural resources on Earth. Becoming multi planet species, at this point, maybe the only viable option.

The future seems so exciting yet very scary because of the many possibilities available. Adapting and preparation will be our new motto. As we keep expanding in knowledge and wealth, the human race will decide on his/her fate on the making of complete automation, artificial intelligence, and unlimited health.

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